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Drawn to the circus - The Drawing Circus at Phoenix Studio

I set up in the dressing room whilst the cello played and the Lion Tamer posed
In the Dressing Room Pastel Painting

Welcome to my latest blog. I am an Artist and Tutor working across Oxfordshire as well as East Sussex (Brighton). I run regular workshops and events at the Ashmolean Museum. I enjoy teaching as well as sketching 'live events' particularly when it includes the moving figure.

Pastel painting 3 circus figures

When I discovered that The Drawing Circus were coming to The Phoenix Studio in Towersey I knew this would be an opportunity too good to miss! It certainly was a most productive and inspiring weekend. I’d like to share the work I created and in doing so encourage others to sketch from the figure.

In the words of James Ort who did a brilliant job of organizing the event "The Circus does not just put on life drawing classes, they put on celebrations of life, art and creativity!" I am so glad I booked on what turned out to be a most spectacular event.

The weekend gave me the freedom to choose from a diverse selection of short and long poses and colourful circus themed set ups.

The performers certainly know how to capture their audience (led by their ‘Ring Master’ ) by telling a good story and creating an inspiring atmosphere for all levels of abilities.

I enjoyed wandering freely around the beautiful summer meadow as well as setting up in the circus dressing room and art studio.

Left: Jake Spicer (Ring Master) teaching

Meanwhile if you enjoy sketching and would like some handy tips and guidance then I am running a 'Sketchbook Tour' at the Ashmolean Museum on the 15th September. I'll also be delivering two workshops on drawing and painting from the costumed figure later on in the year. If you would like to know more about the services I offer including: artist residency programme, workshops, education and sketching live at your event, then please get in touch.

The Drawing Circus stage lots of wonderful events and the Phoenix Studio is a very welcoming and inspiring place to learn.

Thinking about booking onto an event with The Drawing Circus? Good news they'll be back next year. I've already booked my place!

Aerialist sketches in the meadow

Short fast sketches in the meadow at Phoenix Studio
Aerialist and Harlequin

A succession of short poses

15 minute pastel sketch
Getting dressed holding a pose

Quick poses in the dressing room

15 minute pastel sketch in the dressing room

15 minute pose in the dressing room

Aerialist 15 minute sketches in the meadow

Fast pastel sketch
The Lion Tamer tries to control the lion

3 minute pastel sketch of the mother of the circus

The final fast sketches of all the circus characters

On the easel a succession of 3 minute sketches in pastels
My easel in the Phoenix Studio

If you'd like to see more of my portfolio then please visit my website


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