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Workshops, Events, Purchasing my work and Exhibitions –  Your Data is safe


I've written this to comply with this confusing and new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming in on May 25th 2018


When I send out a newsletter I’ll put your address in BCC (private mode) so it won’t be seen by other students.  I don’t have a huge mailing list and I am just keen to keep in contact with you if you’re interested but if you’re no longer interested it’s not a problem as you can unsubscribe and I’ll take you off the list.  If I have an exhibition I am keen to share my work with you so I'll send you an invite and full details through the email address you've provided.  

Buying a painting/Print - Please do!

If you contacting me through this website about purchasing a painting or print I'll keep your email address on file so that I can send you the necessary details.  If need be I'll also ask you for a contact number we can make arrangements for you to view my work and make a purchase directly.  I am happy to delete your information after the sale (just let me know) but I'd like to keep it on record so I can contact you with further offers from time to time.  You'll never be bombarded by emails as I am too busy painting and being an artist.  Thank you!

If you've booked on a workshop

I’m an artist that likes teaching and wants to share what I have learnt with you.  I am the only one that will use your email address, if you book on a workshop with your permission I’ll keep your phone number on my mobile only contacting you concerning the workshop you’ve booked on if I need to! I am lucky as I have a group of lovely students who regularly book on my workshops and it’s easier for them if I keep hold of their number so they don’t have to give it out every time, that said it’s your choice and I respect peoples’ decisions so just get in touch and be clear about your preferences and I will stick to them.

I also care about your safety so I’ll ask for an emergency contact in case of an emergency! People faint and fall over from time to time (that said it’s never happened yet!) and I’d like to be able to contact someone if this were to happen one of my workshops.  I need that person’s permission too so please let them know that they are down as your emergency contact.  I won’t call them up and ask them out for a drink and I am hopeful that I will never have to speak to them.

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