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Research Casting International recently had the pleasure of working with Amanda while articulating a Blue Whale skeleton for the Natural History Museum in London UK. During this project Amanda came in to our facility and recorded the process of fabricating the Blue Whale skeleton. This is the first time we have ever had an artist come in and record our work as it is being built. The process was recorded primarily in charcoal, watercolour and pencil drawing. Usually this type of work is only recorded using photography only. While photography is an excellent tool for capturing a realistic portrayal of the completed work it does not capture the feeling, energy, passion or life that goes into creating our work. Amanda captured all of this in the life drawings she created during this 5-month time.

Each day Amanda would work on several different images of the various work that was going on throughout our facility. The crew working on this project was always interested to see the passion and energy captured throughout the day in her work. I think through her images we were all able to learn a little bit about ourselves and what we had put into the project. Without Amanda’s drawings and paintings, it would just be another day at the office.


Matt Fair, Production Manager, Research Casting International (RCI), June 2017

Amanda was very easy to work with during this project and was pleasure to get to know. While we were working on the project we needed some samples made of the finished armature including paint.  We asked if she would be able to produce the painted finish  that was to replicate the colours of the whale bone. The idea was to make the armature disappear into the bone so that the skeleton was the focal point and not the armature. Amanda did such a great job on the sample we asked her to paint the entire finished armature. She accepted the offer and did a great job on the final armature that is now on display at the museum.


The entire experience was great for all of us and we hope we will be able to do this for another one of our projects in the future.  We started this project as working colleagues and ended as friends for life.

Painting the metal armature to camouflage it to the bone

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