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We recently moved to West Sussex from Oxfordshire where for the last 10 years I taught art from the collections at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford alongside working in the education department.  As an artist I also enjoyed sketching at live events.

Living by the Sea 

I feel so lucky to live by the sea and have fallen in love with its ever-changing light and observing the joy it brings to people who come into contact with this great force of nature.  Throughout lockdown my saving grace were my daily walks.  They were long and thoughtful walks which gave me focus and the clarity that this will be the main source of inspiration for my art.

Sketching figures inspires me

Having taught life drawing for many years I am naturally drawn to creating work that includes the figure.  I like to capture a moment full of action leaving the viewer to imagine the next move.  You can see this in my paintings 'Girl in a hat' and 'Girl walking through the sea'. 

I have recently started sketching outdoors on my iPad after as successful exhibition at Colonnade House here in Worthing. 

Here I am sketching in Warwick street sharing my process and a time lapse video of how I create my work. 

Below you'll see an illustration  sketched on location with the iconic Worthing Dome in the background. 

Ed Watts Framing Photo .jpg

'Girl in a hat '  Photo Ed Watts
'Girl walking through the sea'

Evening Walk Worthing Dome.jpg
Me Location Creating Fountains Sketch .jpg

Embracing the elements!

I find great joy being out in the open air, absorbing the atmosphere and watching the light change. So I paint outdoors when ever I can.

I also take my sketchbook out regularly and use my drawings and reference notes to create my paintings when it’s not possible to complete them on the spot.  

Hintze hall Jennifer & Colin watch

Sketching behind the scenes in Hintze Hall at the NHM London 

Career highlight!

I was commissioned by Research Casting International Ltd (RCI) to work as a reportage artist (the art of visual story telling) to record the fabrication process of the blue whale skeleton ‘Hope’ which now hangs in the magnificent Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum London.  To read about my encounters with the Blue whale skeleton please see my blog ‘Hangar to Hintze Hall – a journey of Hope’ on my website.

Lizard Whale 

The painting below was created from life in the iconic Hangar at Bicester Heritage. The whale is yet to have the ribs attached and it looked spooky and magnificent with the light coming through the window behind.  Chris Beck who projected managed the fabrication of the skeleton for RCI is preparing the metal armature created by the Skeleton Crew. 

All the work I created of the whale can be purchased as a fine art limited edition print.  

11 Chris perparing metal work Lizard wha