Ashmolean After Hours Events

'Really enjoyed charcoal drawing, felt immersed in the objects and the wonderful teaching!'  'Amanda was really nice and so helpful. A really fun way to spend the evening' Students from Regents Park college

Exploring Oxford University Colleges

Just wanted to say thank you so much for a brilliant day. I enjoyed it immensely - it was such a treat to explore around Oxford.  I found all the information you gave was interesting and inspiring and came away feeling more confident of sketching outside and in using coloured pencils in a more exciting way.

Ashmolean Art School Course

“The Ashmolean art experience taught me to observe with different eyes. I saw shapes and shadows I had not noticed before, and my drawing became more confident.  Wandering through the museum in search of objects to draw brought me to galleries I had not been to, despite many years of visiting the museum.  I enjoyed exploring different media, and would happily take the class again.” 


Ashmolean Museum Sketchbook Course

Allowing us to study some original drawings in the Western Print Room was a great way to inspire us as we started our own sketchbooks. I enjoyed trying to add to my sketchbook every day, improving my skills and trying out different ideas. Drawing in the lower cast gallery was also an exciting experience. 


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