The Conservators in Hintze Hall
This was a commission from Research Casting International Ltd created from behind the scenes at Hintze Hall NHM in London. Looking down on the conservators as they work on the skull of the Blue Whale.
Fixing the mandibles under the skull
This pastel painting was created from life in a hangar at Bicester Heritage. The skeleton crew are fixing the mandibles to the skull of the Blue Whale
Working on the Mastodon
Created behind the scenes at Research Casting International Ltd in Canada. I worked from life as they built the mastodon for museum display. It was a noisy, surreal and electric atmosphere and something I will never forget.
Fixing the Vertebrae
This watercolour was created from life as I watched the crew in Scissor lift fixing the vertebrae of the Blue whale in place.
Mandibles working on the Blue whale skeleton
Reportage illustration created in charcoal pencil recording the process of the articulation of the Blue Whale Skeleton
Fitting the D-Type Engine Reportage
A pastel and charcoal painting created in the workshop of Classic Performance Engineering documenting an engineer fitting a Jaguar D-type engine
The dressing Room - Drawing Circus
A pastel painting created at a Drawing Circus event.
Artists Performers Drawing Circus
A watercolour illustration documenting artists sketching at a Drawing Circus Event
Reportage Drawing Aerialist
A watercolour created at an event in the grounds of the Phoenix Art Studio at Towersey in Oxfordshire
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