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Behind the scenes at the Bodleian Library. Own the Original illustration from the Oxford Art Book!

I have some exciting news! my original Illustration of William Herbert 3rd Earl of Pembroke at the Bodleian Library (from The Oxford Art Book) is for sale as part of the Artist Support Pledge.

I spent a happy few years as a Bodleian Tour Guide and used to pass this statue every day. I really enjoyed my time working at the Bodleian, meeting people from all around the world and sharing the amazing history of the University.

Can you believe it goes all the way back to 1320. I also got to meet lots of excited Harry Potter fans. The Duke Humfrey’s medieval library was used to film Hogwarts Library. They also filmed the hospital scenes in the famous Divinity School which dates back to 1427.

Former users of the library include 5 kings, 25 British Prime Ministers, famous writers including Oscar Wilde, CS Lewis and Tolkien as well as 40 Nobel Prize winners.

Who was William Herbert ?

He was the 3rd Earl of Pembroke (8 April 1580 – 10 April 1630) an English nobleman, courtier and politician. A Chancellor of the University of Oxford and alongside King James I he founded Pembroke College, Oxford.

Once doors open again I highly recommend a behind the scenes tour of the Bodleian as it's breathtakingly beautiful and the history is fascinating.

If you'd like to own the original illustration then please visit my Artist Support Pledge page on my website. Thank you for visiting my blog.

William Herbert Bronze Statue by Hubert Le Sueur


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